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The Advantages of Using a Criminal Defense Investigator

Your defense team is not complete without an investigator. Through training, education, and experience a criminal defense investigator can comb through the State’s case and see where the police cut corners and neglected leads.

Simply put, an investigator put your case together, you need an investigator to tear it apart.

Here’s how:

1. Reviewing All Case Materials. A CDI will go over all the case materials against you with the intention of finding errors in analysis, leads that were not followed to conclusion, and other mistakes or areas that need further investigation.

2. Locating Witnesses and/or other Supporting Facts. CDIs are fact checkers and fact finders. Our mission is to find previously unknown witnesses and evidence that will corroborate your defense.

3. Interviewing Parties. Using specialized training and experience, a criminal defense investigator knows how to interview witnesses and other parties to uncover previously unknown information that could prove your case.

4. Presenting an Investigative Point of View. Criminal defense attorneys are worth their weight in gold, but they think differently than investigators. You need both sides to give your defense the best chance at success.

5. Investigating Expert Witnesses, Witnesses, and Key Cooperators. Uncovering information about these important people could mean the difference between success and defeat. No one knows how to find crucial information about these people better than a criminal defense investigator. Your attorney should not be wasting their valuable time on these activities, which are better suited to investigators.

For these reasons and many more, encourage your attorney to use a criminal defense investigator for your case. If they refuse, remember you will be the one doing the time or paying the price if the case is lost so reach out to an investigator on your own.

Most reputable investigators will at least discuss your case for free and give you some advice on ways to proceed.


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