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When Details Matter Call Us.


Our investigators are well-educated and practiced on interviewing techniques which result in more information for you and your client.


As claimants and other surveillance targets get more savvy, catching them on video gets more difficult. Our team of professional investigators can adapt easily to changing situations to obtain the evidence you need. Such as covert cameras, unmanned cameras, and other legal methods. 

Well-Being/Activity Checks

Have you lost touch with claimants or relatives? Our experienced investigators can conduct an in-person check on them. We will ask the questions you want answered and take a photo if permitted. If you are concerned about potential work activity, we covertly look for signs of employment and/or home businesses.


Finding the information you need can be the key to making a strong case and research has become so much more than Google. Our team of desktop investigators have uncovered key information for our clients that has changed the course of a case in their favor. Our research specialties include social media, background information, people location, employment, and much more.


Case and Evidence Review/Analysis

Need a fresh set of experienced eyes? Let our team of knowledgeable investigators review what you have and come up with new evidence, new ideas, and a fresh take.


Process Service and Document Retrieval 

Tired of paying for research and process service just to find out it's the wrong address? Our methods combine the 2 into one flat fee. We research the right address using multiple methods then put the boots on the ground to get it served correctly.


We offer many more services and full investigations. 






Tel: 315-333-9403


Member Better Business Bureau.

Member National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS).

Member Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State (ALDONYS).

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